Migraine News: How’s the Weather?

More than half of migraine sufferers are affected by weather. The most common weather factors that affect migraines are:

  • Humidity

  • Major weather changes over 1 or 2 days

  • Changes in barometric pressure

  • A combination of weather changes

Some migraines attributed to weather are not related to it at all. Many people tend to pin their headaches on weather patterns, when other triggers, such as having too much caffeine or changes in sleep patterns, may actually be the cause. If weather truly is a trigger for you, watch the forecasts. Then you can take preventive medicines when troublesome weather lies ahead. Please talk with your healthcare provider about the general use of preventive medicines for migraine. Keeping a journal of your headaches can help you find patterns, such as if the headaches are related to weather, diet, sleep, or something else.

Online Medical Reviewer: Joseph Campellone MD
Online Medical Reviewer: Raymond Kent Turley BSN MSN RN
Online Medical Reviewer: Rita Sather RN
Date Last Reviewed: 5/1/2023
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